Membership of the Beef Shorthorn Society of Australia brings a wide range of benefits and privileges to enrich ownership of the shorthorn breed, backed by a strong network of support.

When you join the Beef Shorthorn Society of Australia, you have the significant resources of Australia’s longest-running official organisation specialising in shorthorns at your disposal.

Everyone is welcome to become a member and various classifications of membership are available to meet the requirements of stud breeders, associates, commercial breeders and juniors.

Membership benefits at a glance

  1. Strong commercial emphasis
    (a) Society a partner with JBS in the Thousand Guineas program; a premium being paid to suppliers for their cattle;
    (b) commercial attributes of registered cattle emphasised in Society publications.
  2. Moderate annual membership fee.
  3. Availability of two herd books, with different advantages, in which to register cattle.
  4. Registration of an animal by payment of a single, all of lifetime, fee.  No annual inventory fee for breeding females.
  5. Registration produces traceability.
  6. Ease of registration – alternative of online (coming soon) and paper registration applications.
  7. Breedplan available for all cattle registered.
  8. An active junior membership program, with a Society councillor having particular responsibility for junior member activities.