The World Conference and Tour Organising Committee has now settled the full itinerary and costings for the 2019 triennial event in Australia. Your Committee which has comprised representatives of the three Australian Societies, has worked hard to arrange an itinerary that includes a representation of the best of our cattle both dairy and beef as well as some of Australia’s unique tourist attractions as the tour travels through south and eastern Australia where most Shorthorns are located.

Australia is a large country by world standards (roughly equivalent in size to mainland USA excluding Alaska). So it has not been possible to include places like the Great Barrier Reef, Central Australia or the Kimberley in north Western Australia. Equally we have not been able to include all the farms which are worthy of a visit. However we have selected a range of properties which will enable you to gain a broad overview of Shorthorn beef and dairy breeding in Australia.

At the request of the last meeting in Uruguay Conference in 2016 we have included two visits which will enable participants to meet and see our youth conducting their own heifer show and Judging, and a visit to a secondary School with a well established Shorthorn herd and agricultural facilities. We have selected one of Australia’s leading inbound and outbound rural travel agencies, Quadrant Australia as our tour operator as they have an excellent record in farming tours.

They also have first hand experience in cattle production and working with cattle societies generally. They also have established relationships with counterparts in other countries where the breed exists and they would be able to assist if societies would like assistance. The Australian Societies invite you all to come and enjoy that which we have to offer. We all very much look forward to meeting and greeting you in Adelaide on 23 September,2019.

Yours sincerely, Lawrie Willett AO President World Council