Both continuity and change featured at the Annual Meeting of the Society’s Council, held on Sunday 7 March using the ‘hybrid’ model of personal attendance and attendance via a Zoom link.

Continuity was represented by the re-appointment of Marion Spencer, ‘Spencer Family Shorthorns’, as Society President and Carolyn Shannon, ‘Glenmount’ as one of the two Vice-Presidents.

Change came on a number of fronts.

Peter Falls, ‘Malton’, Finley, NSW, was elected a Vice-President.

As a result of increased member numbers in NSW and Tasmania, those States became entitled to an additional Councillor.  Jason Tetley, ‘Redrock’, Crookwell, NSW; and Carolynn Evans, ‘North Eastern’, Legerwood, Tasmania, were elected.  Carolynn has been a Councillor on an earlier occasion.

After 14 years as Society Treasurer, and with the Society’s finances in good shape, Judy Alberni decided not to seek another term.  The Council expressed its appreciation of Judy’s work over that long period.  In her place, David Ashley, ‘Morningtime’, Spring Hill, Victoria, a former President of the Society, was appointed Treasurer.

A full list of Councillors can be found on the Contacts page of the website