Now that the dust has settled we asked  the breeders of the winning team for their comments on the win (pictured L-R : David Spencer, Michelle Kay and Jason Tetley, Robyn Harris and Robert Harris-Ryan).

Robyn Harris (Meadow Vale, Clarkfield Vic) “We chose our steer as he was from the first drop of calves by Meadow Vale Quid and we’re always keen to see how a first year sires progeny perform in carcass competitions.  He was easy doing, adequately muscled, quiet and well grown.  Being in a cool climate, we breed moderate sized cattle down here.  We value carcass competitions, they provide real carcass data as confirmation of our breeding program.  It was very exciting to win the Borthwick in consecutive years, that being 2020 and this year as the 2021 competition has not held”.
Marion Spencer (Spencer Family, Rutherglen Vic) “the steer we selected for the students at the Rutherglen High School was based on his temperament and doing ability;  when they have a good disposition, they settle quickly when weaned and get onto a different diet with relative ease;  he also demonstrated good bone, muscle and fat and structural correctness.  We are keen to involve the school as it helps with the agricultural program, the students are also extremely dedicated”.
Jason Tetley (Redrock Corporation, Wayo NSW) “we set ourselves an objective to try and emulate the win in 2020 – this year being the bi-centennary of the Coates’s herd book it made perfect sense for us to do so”.